What do we see?

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Matthew 9:26

What do we see?

When we are in Watford’s town centre what do we see? Are the building works a nuisance or are we excited about the potential of the intu extension? When we see someone sleeping in a shop doorway, do we ignore them or do we wish you could help? Are we frustrated by the busyness and the crowds or do we spot the individual who looks like they need to talk? Do we see a young drunk woman stumbling out of a club vomiting or do we see someone lonely, lost and searching for a love that never lets go?

How do we then respond to what we see around us? Do we act with kindness, patience and compassion? Do we turn to the Lord in prayer and bring before him those who are suffering? Do we get involved practically through becoming a town centre chaplain or a Street Angel?

Next time, you’re in the town centre, I’d encourage you to take a moment or two to stop, look around and ask God for his perspective on what you see - and then use that to fuel your prayers.

Let’s ask God to give us his compassion for the people who live, work, play and shop in Watford’s town centre.

Our vision

Slowly, we are seeing the new developments in Watford’s town centre take shape. After many months of demolition, dust and debris, the architectural structures and frameworks of the intu extension are visible. There is obviously still a long way to go but there is excitement growing at the town’s transformation.

The Watford Observer recently reported that the extension to intu (due to open autumn 2018) will create a 1.4 million square foot retail and leisure destination and Hertfordshire Life states that the rejuvenated shopping centre will bring Watford into ‘the independent CACI UK retail rankings’ top 20, confirming it as a premier shopping destination’. Jonathan Field of Watford BID says that ‘Watford is a town worth investing in’.

In a similar way, Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy is going through its own period of re-building. Just as the physical developments in the town centre are not complete yet, the Chaplaincy itself is still in the process of ‘building works’.

The psalmist wrote ‘Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain’, The Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy trustees have been through a period of prayerfully seeking God’s will for the direction and vision of the charity. Our deep desire is for the Lord to ‘build the house’.

The secular world is investing in Watford’s town centre. How will we, the people of God, respond to the fresh challenge of town centre mission and ministry?


Meeting on 16th May

All are welcome at a general meeting on 16th May at 6.30pm at St Mary's Church, Watford. Come and be inspired by the vision God has laid on our heart for the next season of the Chaplaincy!